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EHS Frequently Asked Questions

Is EHS associated with a "Special Needs Clinic"?
EHS is housed under Pediatric Therapy network which is a special needs clinic; however Early Head Start is a separate program and does not necessarily focus on the special needs population. Should your child need extra support, the staff can assist families in accessing the services.

What are you going to do with or teach my baby?
EHS program addresses all areas of child development that will develop security, optimal health and school readiness. We will work directly with parents and with their child to promote these areas.

Is there a cost at any point in time?
No, families will never be asked to pay for anything. EHS is a federally funded program. Our funding is secure for 2 years. During socializations and center-based care, snacks, formula, diapers and any other needs will be provided.

Can I quit the program?
Yes, you can quit at anytime; however, if there is scheduling related problem, we encourage parents to seek alternatives to accommodate their schedule.

Can I choose the dates and times of the visit for the Home-based Educator?
We respect your busy lives and offer services weekdays, week nights and weekends so families can work with their Home-based Educator.

What do the EHS programs look like?
The EHS is comprised of two different programs.


  • This program provides an early care for children in an educational setting. It involves center-based education within a classroom setting. Within this setting, families have access to teachers, a nurse, therapists and a nutritionist. Trainings and referrals to community resources are also available.

    Home Based

  • This program brings the EHS staff into the home of identified families to support the development and the child/parent relationship. Sessions are done weekly for 90 minutes for children birth - 18 months.

    • Families from both programs will be invited and encouraged to attend two socializations a month. They will occur either at PTN or within the local community. Families are able to interact with the EHS staff as well as with other families. Socializations provide an opportunity for families to learn about community resources, discuss topics with staff and other families and engage in family social and developmental activities. Some examples of a socialization include days to the park, in-services at PTN, community resource fairs and more.

    What are the eligibility requirements?
    There is a community assessment for families to determine eligibility. Families that are identified as high risk in the 90501,90503 and 90505 zip codes are eligible for the program. Some eligibility criteria include families who are homeless, immigration/asylum seeking, children in foster care, families in crisis or referred by Child Welfare, low income, and families dealing with chronic violence or drug abuse.

    What is the length of the program?
    EHS is available for families with children birth to 3 years old. After this, the families can transition to a Head Start Program.

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