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Love, Jean

Item: Love Jean
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Love, Jean
Love, Jean is the beautiful story of Philip Erwin, a lonely, misunderstood young man with sensory integration dysfunction and his " Aunt Jeanie," Dr. A. Jean Ayres, the scientist who pioneered the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder. Successfully treated long distance through correspondence with Dr. Ayres, Phillip also bravely learns survival strategies to cope with his disability. Alluded to, but not detailed, is Dr. Ayres' parallel courageous struggle, facing the onslaught of criticism, ridicule and scholarly exile that accompanied her brilliant new theories and practice.

With illuminating commentary by Zoe Mailloux MA, OTR, Love, Jean lends powerful insight into Dr. Ayres' compassionate qualities and ground breaking work that led her to develop a theory and science that continues to change the lives of millions of children and adults worldwide. This book will touch the hearts of parents, children and therapists who live or work with individuals who have sensory processing disorders.

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