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ZUMA® Rockers by Virco - Adult



ZUMA® Rockers by Virco - Adult
Model ZROCK18 has a 17-5/8 inch seat height, making it a great choice for high school settings and larger middle school students. Also available ZROCK13 (13 inch seat height) and ZROCK15 (15 inch seat height)

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With a comfortable, inviting feel and a moderate range of motion, Virco's ZUMA® rockers work in a variety of learning environments where students would benefit from a rocking chair.

Model ZROCK18 has a 17-5/8 seat height, making it a great choice for high school settings and larger middle school students. For elementary and middle schools, models ZROCK15 (14-5/8 seat height) and ZROCK13 (12-3/4 seat height) let younger, smaller students experience the fun that comes with a ZUMA® rocker. Guaranteed to brighten the mood of any environment: ZUMA® rocks!

The ergonomically contoured ZUMA® shell has the following features and benefits:
  • a smooth rocking motion that allows access to a calming and organizing sensory experience
  • a "rocker brake" that controls the extent to which the chair can tip backwards
  • a continuous rocker bar that eliminates distracting noise from traditional four legged chairs that scrape against the floor
  • a range of pleasing and calming colors to make seating environment more appealing and engaging
  • a gentle lumbar (lower back) swell in the chair shell that promotes lordosis (proper spinal curvature) and comfortably supports an upright posture;
  • a deeply relieved seat that helps reduce pressure on sensitive ischial tuberosities (bottom bones);
  • a hollowed-out wallet area where the seat and back meet, that prevents uncomfortable pressure on the sacrum and coccyx (tailbones);
  • a blending of deeply sculpted contours toward the centerline of the seat, allowing users to settle into the shell for excellent comfort and posture;
  • a gradually relieved thigh area that gently supports upper legs without restricting movement or circulation;
  • a smoothly rolled crest at the top of the backrest that minimizes edge pressure on the user's upper back - even for taller people in relaxed postures - providing better comfort, circulation and freedom of movement; and
  • a comfortable waterfall front edge that promotes good circulation through the popliteal arches (behind the knees) to the lower legs and feet.

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