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PQ Chewy Tubes

Item: P and Q Chewy Tube
Price: $8.95


PQ Chewy Tubes
The P&Q chewing aid provides more resistance than the T Chewy Tubes, as they do not easily compress when chewing or biting takes place. The Q is wide enough for bi-lateral chewing activities and the P is especially easy to grasp by small fingers or those with low muscle tone.

CREATED FOR: children and adults as a safe and effective tool for seeking additional sensory input into the jaw, practicing biting and chewing skills, developing initial oral motor skills or rehabilitating the jaw.

HOW TO USE: Touch the stem of the Chewy Tube to the cutting surface of the molar teeth/gum.

Chewy Tubes are latex-free and lead free and they do not contain PVC or phthalates. Chewy Tubes colors are all FDA compliant and CE marked.

*Chewy Tubes should always be used with supervision.

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