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Chewy Tubes



Chewy Tubes
CREATED FOR: children and adults as a safe and effective tool for seeking additional sensory input into the jaw, practicing biting and chewing skills, developing initial oral motor skills or rehabilitating the jaw.

HOW TO USE: Touch the stem of the Chewy Tube to the cutting surface of the molar teeth/gum.

  • The Red Chewy Tube stem is 1/2" in diameter and may be used by children who are receptive to oral tactile stimulation or with adults who have a larger jaw.

  • The Yellow Chewy Tube is used with a smaller jaw, typically an infant 9-10 months old. It can also be used with an individual who cannot open the jaw very wide.

  • The Blue Chewy Tube is intended for adolescent or adult size jaws and is the largest and firmest of the Chewy Tubes. Individuals with developmental delays, autism, or sensory integration disorders may wish to use this larger size.

  • The Green Chewy Tube is designed to increase sensory input by means of the raised dots on the shaft. The shaft diameter is slightly wider and harder to chew on when compared with Yellow and Red Chewy Tubes

    Chewy Tubes are latex-free and lead free and they do not contain PVC or phthalates. Chewy Tubes colors are all FDA compliant and CE marked.

    *Chewy Tubes should always be used with supervision.

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