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SensorYoga Cards

SensorYoga Cards: an Interactive Yoga Cards To Address Every Child's Needs
Item: SensorYoga Cards
Price: $35.00


SensorYoga Cards
36 Fun and engaging yoga poses uniquely designed to address every child's individual neurological needs. The cards are categorized by the sensory systems an color coded for ease of use. In addition, each card is uniquely designed with adaptations and modifications to address each child's individual needs and allow every child to assume each position. Created by an Occupational Therapist with advanced training and certification in sensory integration and administration of the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests as well as certified to teach yoga for children with special needs. Pairs beautifully with the Sensory Yoga Mat and Yoga Book.

This deck works in conjunction with the book "A Therapist's Guide to Yoga in Pediatrics: A Sensory Based Approach" as well as specially designed yoga mat providing visual cues to assist the child in proper foot and hand placement while assuming each yoga pose safely. The symbols at the top of the card are color coded to match the mat. On the front is where the child will start in order to assume the position. On the back of the card, the symbols represent where the hand and foot placements should be when the child is in the pose.

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